Tour de Fleece Days 2 & 3 – July 5th – 6th

Day 2 – Sunday July 5th 

After yesterday with 4th of July fireworks and fun …. I wanted to sleep in, but my dogs had another idea.  I was jolted from a peaceful sleep at 6:15ish to my Mastiff, Gus barking, which is a rarity, so always cause for me to take a look. I just wanted to sleep to 7am <whine>.  I normally get up at 5-5:30 each morning to get things done before my daughter (4 years old) wakes up.  So what was Gus and my pain-in-the-butt-bark-at-her-own-shadown  Boston Mastiff, Dizzy, barking at?  My husband fixing the power washer outside. Sunday morning peace shattered. . . well at least coffee was ready and I half-asleep got a cup and settled in with George (my Hansen mS).

2:04 PM 
I finished the second bobbin (1st bobbin was done pre-tour) of my Jacob, bamboo, nylon, Angelina blend.   I will ply it tomorrow.

12.4 oz ready to ply.  6.2 completed during #TdF2015.  #HotOffTheWheel #AlmaParkAlpacas #almapark #spinningyarn #handspunyarn #igspinners #spinnersofinstagram #TdFsapgap2015 #TourdeFleece2015

Day 3 – Monday July 6th 
12:04 PM 
Plying complete!!

Wow, that did seem to take forever! Of course other chores were also on the agenda this morning, so it really only took a total of about 2.5 hours.  I will skein it tonight or tomorrow as more store and farm chores, among other things need my attention.

I plan to break it into 3 equal skeins after it soaks since it is 12 oz total for easier sell.  Currently before soaking and the possible poof that Jacob is know for, it is about 24-26 WPI which is a fingering weight.

Done with the ply.  Took forever!!!  #TdF2015.  #HotOffTheWheel #AlmaParkAlpacas #almapark #spinningyarn #handspunyarn #igspinners #spinnersofinstagram #TdFsapgap2015 #TourdeFleece2015

7:08 PM 
I am done for the day and am just finishing up this post (after dinner) and before heading into the living room for some family time.

What’s on the agenda tomorrow? 
1 – Skein up my Jacob blend and put in the soak.
2 – Soak my All Colors™ TnT
3 – Start spinning this Icelandic Wool.  This will be spun as a single in the “Lopi” style that Icelandic is so famous for.  It is a combination of the thel and tog spun together.  It is washed and then carded all together on the drum carder.  I took it off the drum carder in fat rolags.   This will be spun on my Ashford Joy wheel because I find it easier to do a single on that wheel more so than any other of my wheels.   It will be a thick yarn – worsted to aran weight of about 12 WPI.   I will be publishing a post on Icelandic wool in the next week and all the different ways and techniques (with pics) that can be done to this very versatile wool.
4 – Make some fun funky super fat coiled art yarn from this pile.  It will be a corespun yarn, coiled on itself and then wrapped with silk hankies.  I will be videotaping part of the spin for you all to watch as well.  The silk hankies looked a little washed out in the pic, but they are the same colorway as the top on the left.   I will be doing this on my Hansen mS.

I will switch between the 2 yarns so that I don’t get bored 🙂

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