Tour de Fleece Days 4 – 6 – July 7th – 9th

Not much spinning was done on day 4 😦  I did manage to get my Jacob blend in for a photo shoot however and now it is hanging to dry before skeining and breaking them into smaller skeins.  This will be for sale in the shop this weekend.

Day 4 – July 7th 

First skein of #TdF2015 all complete and photo'ed. #handspunyarn #HotOffTheWheel #TourdeFleece2015 #TdFsapgap2015 #igspinners #spinningfiber #spinnersofinstagram #almapark #AlmaParkAlpacas #igknitters #knittersofinstagram

Day 5 – July 8th – 11:04 AM
Finished the first of four skeins of the “Lopi” style yarn from Icelandic wool, from a sheep named “Agnus Dei”.


July 8th – 7:55 pm
Finished 2 more of these skeins – no pic 🙂

July 9th 6:23 am 
Finished the last skein.  I will let them sit for at least 48 hours to relax.  I like to do that with singles.  Here are all 4 together just hanging out.


Started an Icelandic/silk (80/20) blend.  This will be a 2-ply when finished.


Tomorrow, I am expecting a package from one of my handspinners and I need to do  something with color.  Stay tuned !!

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