Tour de Fleece Day 1 – July 4th

Happy Birthday America !!

I am going to chronicle my TdF journey here and do one post a day.

7:23 AM- (with coffee in hand) 
I will be doing the 2nd bobbin (6.2 oz) of this Jacob wool, bamboo, faux cashmere, Angelina combo. The first bobbin was completed prior to the tour.  I will be spinning on my Hansen mS.  I am shooting for a fingering weight (24 WPI) yarn, but Jabob normally poofs up, so it may be more towards sport once washed.  We will see.  My singles on the first bobbin approx 38 WPI right now.  This is going to be several skeins once completed, for the shop. 
Here is the Ravelry link to all the info on this yarn (still in progress).
6.2 oz in rolags waiting to be spun and 6.2 oz on the bobbin prior to the tour
11:32 AM – (with interruptions from husband, child, and animals) 
My progress this morning. . . .  2 oz spun.  I will continue more this evening after today’s festivities and chores are completed.  
10:54 PM 
Did about 3 oz total and will finish this on Day 2 of TdF and maybe even ply. 

And in other news  . . . . 
I also skeined this up today and it will be in the shop sometime in the next few days.  It was spun prior to the TdF, but hey looking at colorful yarn is fun …..right?!?
This is my signature All Colors™ TnT Self-Striping.  Some bobbles, coils and beehives as well 🙂 Mix of wools, wool locks, alpaca, silk, sparkle. 
All Colors™ TnT Self-Striping

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