Another beautiful spring day!

With all that is going on around us with this global COVID-19 pandemic, it can get depressing. I invite you to take joys in the simple things around you. It is spring. If you can go out and get some fresh air, while still distancing yourself from others, do it. It will do you a world of good to get some sun on your face. Look at the new grass, flowers, trees, all blooming and welcoming warmer weather.

I am going to go for a walk around the farm in a little bit, as soon as I get the daughter motivated enough to get dressed. Here are a few pics that I took on my Tuesday walk. I’ll venture to some other parts of the farm today and see what other beauties await.

As for what I have been working on . . . I casted on Love Note by Tin Can Knits on Tuesday and I have made some great progress. I love the way it’s coming along. The yarns I used are my own hand-dyed yarns….. premium sock in “Foggy Meadows” and cirrus (Mohair/Silk) Lace in “Miss Figgy

2 thoughts on “Another beautiful spring day!

  1. Nice choice of colors on your project! Your yarn looks amazing.
    I’m going to have to skip out on spring this year, sadly. I am working on a wall art project which keeps me busy though.

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