New Free Pattern – "HINDSIGHT"

I planned to release this for the 2020 NJ Wool Walk, but since the Wool Walk is postponed, I decided to release it now. It is a free pattern, made from 3 skeins of DK. It is an asymmetrical, boomerang type shawl with no purling involved. It is easy enough for a beginner, but also an interesting and relaxing knit for the experienced knitter.

I hope you enjoy!

Find it on Ravelry or my shop. It is a free digital download.

The samples are all knit with Squish DK:
“Vintage Christmas” sample

  • “Raspberry” – pink
  • “Kale” – blue-green
  • “London Blue Topaz” – blue-green speckle

“Wool Walk” sample

  • “Lannister” – yellow
  • “Concord Grape” – Purple
  • “Hindsight” – wool walk colorway – variegated

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